A travel gadget that ease my whole trip in Bangkok, Thailand. #AlvinTries

March 02, 2018

My Bangkok trip has finally ended but yet … my heart isn’t. I am still in that hype of going back to the “Sawadeekap” land. Traveling with friends are always fun and yet we get to know each other a little more.

Throughout the trip, I think most of us did the same as we rely on our phone real much! Just for navigation maps or the actively crazy social media platform updates! Honestly speaking, despite of powerbank that I am bringing around, Innergie PowerJoy 30C is what I put it into my must bring list.

Comes with 3 travel plug (UK , EU , US)

Innergie PowerJoy 30C is a wall charger that specially made for traveler or even businessman like us. What I am really impressed with it is that, it comes with 3 plugs (UK, EU and US) which made everything friendlier in traveling overseas! It was price at RM179 and available in LAZADA (CVG ONLINE STORE) also in offline retails (ALL IT Hypermart, Switch Malaysia, Harvey Norman and more).

Also, you can set yourself free from just a position of your wall charger (360° rotation of charging to free your socket). You may find it normal but in fact, I find it useful in most situation. The best was I could even fit in a small space sometimes just to charge my devices whether to flip the direction up or down, it works a lot of time.

Throughout the Bangkok trip, I remember I leave my phone and camera charge overnight just to ensure my gadgets are ready to rock in the next day. With Innergie Innershield protection, it ensures your gadgets are not over voltage or current and protect your gadget from getting harm.

Alright I think that Innergie was a great choice indeed as for its consumer-friendly thoughts and also 3 years warranty despite so many conventional brands out there, quality does matter. Why not give Innergie a try this time while you’re traveling around? I bet you might want to blog about it just like I do :) 
For more information, kindly click the link below :

Innergie Malaysia

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