[Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur] A must in my everyday routine

July 10, 2017

Work space ... just kidding , my resting spot. Haha

What’s up readers? It’s been such a long break for me to get into the real world without updating my life! Yes, it’s been so so so long, alright la … I admit I am pretty lazy as well to stop and stare in front of my laptop after the 8 to 5 working period every week.

Personally work as a Social Media Specialist in the day and staying awake and focus is so important every time as to curate content for my clients. Nah, talk about this reminds me of my daily needs inclusive of Laptop, iPhone, Spotify as well as coffee (No way to avoid it!!)

I mean caffeine was somehow my third buddy in life, clings around – keep you awake for a certain moment. I always love the aroma of the coffee brew or even the process of roasting the coffee beans. It just smells good don’t ya think so? 

ESSENSO Gift Box... Yay

From left : ESSENSO Exclusive Tumblr , MicroGround Black Coffee 

Recently, I’ve been really lucky to found ESSENSO MicroGround Black Coffee! The aroma of ESSENSO coffee would let you fall in love once again. Haha, no joke … it’s like you’re sitting in a Starbucks café. ESSENSO MicroGround Black Coffee available in two variants – Colombian Blend (fruity note with mild acidity, topped with a smooth chocolaty finish.) and Mandheling Blends (fresh woody notes, low acidity)
In highlights, if you’re more onto latte I strongly recommend Colombian Blend, together with fresh milk. You could taste something different!

Created with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans, ESSENSO is borne out of a blend of finely ground coffee beans and premium instant coffee powder. Using the company’s proprietary MicroPlus technique, the essence of the coffee beans is better preserved in ESSENSO. The result is platinum standard instant coffee that promises unparalleled aroma and taste.

Mixed a sachet of ESSENSO MicroGround Black Coffee 

The end product : I feel like an artist now lol! 

NO JOKE WITH THIS, I actually used “MicroGround Black Coffee: Colombian Blend” to colour up my drawing yesterday night. Oh well! I wouldn’t know it will be so awesome as the aroma of the coffee is all on my art now. Haha! A little bit over but guess what, perhaps it could be one of my bae in the near future. Lol.

Hmmm, trying new brand of coffee is always reluctant to me but I am glad this time I went for a try and I actually love it as it’s like having a cup of luxury coffee in my room. Visit @essensomy to know why I say so.

You can officially buy their coffee here at https://shopee.com.my/superofficialstore

“When in doubt, drink coffee. It works”

Cheers! Coffee date anyone?

#Essenso #MicroGroundCoffee #NewBlackCoffee #TheWorldStoppingTaste

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