KLASSE14 came into mailbox today with unique promo codes !

June 23, 2017

KLASSE14 is welly package to ensure their customer get the best experience from'em.

Something drop into the mailbox today and it never gets too old for me to be excited on this. The KLASSE14 watches is ordinarily unique special in a way where their design is literally different from other watches brand that we can find in the market. 


Photo took by alvinseeck
I got myself the VOLARE series where it's unique : as it's in rainbow reflection and pretty awesome to mix and match on my outfit of the day posting. Going back to the tagline , their design is ordinarily unique! 

Photo took by alvinseeck

Fret not sharing you my own unique code "alvinseeck" where you could also enjoy 12% discount upon checkout the watch that you love from https://www.klasse14.com/watches

Shop yours today and be your own unique icon with KLASSE14 today. If you don't know how, feel free to drop me your contact and I will be glad to help you out :)


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