Malaysia Influencers that you might need to know .

March 15, 2017

So... a lot of time we questioned : -

1. Who are they 
2. What are they
3. Which one of them are influential
4. Which agency to go through?

Obviously, in Malaysia there are so many Key Opinion Leaders (KoLs) where I would personally say that it's growing in the era of digital technology. Digital marketers start to try out more stuff including the hype of "Influencers Marketing" but who's the one we should be looking for?

There are several categories we should be looking at ;

1. Lifestyle 
2. Style
3. Food and Restaurants
4. Travel
5. Community 
6. Entertainment and News
7. Music
8. IT Gadgets

Every bloggers or influencers look differently upon their interests. I would preferably say that their hobbies keep them ongoing to be who they are today in the society to be named as "Influencer" which certain times taking over the spot of "celebrities".

Bear in mind that, they are not celebrities but a more budget wise people that we could engage for our social media campaigns.

Highlights : Some influencers are not easy to deal with, they play with their attitude, they delayed their work, they "double blue tick" your messages, but chase you for payment.

This is why "Management Fees" are always charged for every agency as providing quality work is never easy when dealing with "humans".

However, a good influencer should consist of good engagement rate (> 3%) where people would comment and starts interacting with them for the posting they do. What I meant was, high followings doesn't really provide good end results as certain time "followers" are just a number likewise it's like a education certification nowadays where people concentrate too much on it and neglected on the quality content a person could provide.

Everyone is an influencer in a sense // don't overly looked on people who has high followings or wanna be famous in a sense. They just love to play with theirs attitude.

What do you think about it ? Are you still considering upon hiring a high following influencers? Think twice :)


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