Mi Malaysia : Xiao Mi Band 2 Official in Mi Store

February 14, 2017

[Product Review] Mi Malaysia: XiaoMi Mi Band 2

(Sealed) Original Genuine Mi Band 2 from Mi Malaysia 
Greetings reader, feel really satisfying with my latest purchase from Mi Malaysia recently. Finally for endless research and willing to give it a try as I always have certain credibility towards Mi products where I find it real affordable and useful.

What you’ll get in the box; 1 x Black Wrist Rubber Strap, 1 x Mi Band 2 chip, 1 x USB Cable as Charger and 1 x User guide that comes with bilingual (Warranty card should be in the box and plastic seal itself thus keep it safe J)
Honestly speaking there were so many reviews and people getting this product already but it just never gets too much on sharing personal experiences on using Mi Band 2. Personally, I was impressed with the product itself where it was a whole turn over from Mi Band 1.

Comparison Table of Mi Band 1 and Mi Band 2

The very trendy and classic look of Mi Band 2 with OLED screen with touch button (Anti - scratch!) 
The major differences from previous Mi band and this is the touch button and OLED Screen where we could view time, view your daily walking steps, Heartbeat rate and get notifications from various applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, LINE, WhatsApp, Phone call with name and more where as compared to Mi Band 1 where it does not have a physical screen. Seriously, impressive just too compared on its price ranged at RM129 from Mi Malaysia definitely worth for a try! 

The rubber that could fit your arm nicely without awful pain

              Green Light as sensor: To detect your Heart Rate ( Remember to leave it a few seconds on your wrist for detection )
USB Cable as charging dock for Mi Band 2 Chip
Mi Band 2: Recharging
Mi Fit Apps that’s available in both Apple Store and Google Play Store
Stay connected always with your Bluetooth on and syncing your Mi Band 2 to your apps to trace and track upon your daily achievements on walking steps target, personal alarm clock which vibrates on time, your sleeping graph through the night! I wasn’t 100% believe on the graph but I would say 90% it was quite true. Simply amaze me!

Sync your Mi Band 2 Chips to your phone 
When your phone ring (Take note to certain contact , it will shows contact name!

Tracking and measuring Heart Rate
Overall I would rate this product at 8/10 where I find it reasonably to try it out. With Mi Band 2, I almost neglect most of my timepieces as it matches well my Outfit of the day too! Haha! Well maybe it would be a trend of technology but never to forget the main function and purpose a consumer buying Mi Band 2. Definitely a worth deal! You can get it from Official Mi Malaysia in Lazada.my

It comes with ONE year warranty as well. So no worries baby! Peace .
So are you willing to spend RM129 for this? Let us get connected!

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