KPOP 2017 : The next Girl's Generation SNSD - TWICE and BLACK PINK to be 2NE1 ?

February 03, 2017


JYP Entertainment, home of artists for so so so many awesome K-groups such as 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7, TWICE and more!

Have you ever wonder how much does the era had passed since the day we started to listen to the first Korean song? Well, we can’t deny how well known our Girl’s Generation – SNSD previously and yet today too with the overwhelming K-Pop groups including TWICE and BLACKPINK.

So … predictable TWICE to be the next Girl’s Generation? I’ll bet so. TWICE with their song of “Cheer Up” , “TT” , “Ooh-Aah” hitting more than 100 million views on YouTube where it made insane over the topic on Internet. “Weekly Idol” a Korean Entertainment show that would invite Korea artist or even groups to the show for a challenge practice or I should probably say a part of the show where artist would have to do their dance move in the rate of 2x (fast forward). 

TWICE nailed it perfectly in the video; where this proven their passion in this industry and shown how much they practice and well prepared for anything could encounter them in any second. However, among all the K groups, TWICE got the most views on YouTube upon 2x speed up dance challenge compared to other Korean Groups.

2NE1 recently announcing the “Goodbye” to their fans as Minzy is withdrawing herself out from the group without noticing the sentimental and emotional moment that the rest of her group members or even called as sisters are not feeling good towards this Goodbye.
2NE1 has been highlighting so much from year to year; while BLACK PINK is taking a step further to this music industry where now 2NE1 is officially disband and BLACK PINK song genre and style are quite similar to 2NE1.

BLACK PINK songs that hits in the chart including BOOMBAYAH, PLAYING WITH FIRE and WHISTLE had brought a great impression towards the public where overwhelming on getting over fans to be crazy with. Honestly speaking the style is really similar to 2NE1 where the BLACK PINK is taking over the place of 2NE1?

In summary, no matter SNSD, 2NE1, TWICE or even BLACK PINK – once they are idol forever they are. They are once lived in our life and now they are too. Creating moment and memories where these idols are now separated, disband or even getting slower in rotating in this industry is important but not as important as the fans whom always gave 101% support.

 Fighting <3

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