DIGI never fails to impress their users with its offer now that comes with additional 7GB internet plan for any prepaid user from RM28 only!

December 20, 2016

User like me be like ; YAS WITH MY NEPHEW FOR MORE DATA!”

Internets, Wi-Fi, Network, Signals are a part of our social media network nowadays. Even touching with work or jobs, we contacted through internet too. Recently everything seems to be up to date and never doubt that all applications are never being left behind too! Imagine how much data it requires to load a video, to scroll through our Facebook or even Instagram.

I am really impressed with DIGI Malaysia that actually offers the best towards their users by introducing the best value monthly recurring internet for both Digi Live and Prepaid Best Plan user subscribers to enjoy 50% EXTRA INTERNET from RM28 only. Yes, you never heard me wrong – More Internet, More Data!

Thanks to the new WhatsApp call and video call ; so much convenience to have a quick talk with overseas friend. Data needed but it’s covered J

Why I am covering this? Well, I am a massive freak user on social media and one way to kill my time is to browse through my social media platforms! No doubt it eats up a lot of data network and with my current carriers; I am paying extra to buy data as it just never enough for me to use it. Who would ever forget about Spotify and also YouTube? Haha! My favourite music application of all! I always stream my music through Spotify and sometimes watch videos through YouTube as I was kept in the terrible jam to work or even back to my nest (home)….

Best part about being in touch with this Digi new prepaid plan is that users like us gets 7GB data instead of previously 4GB data where it covers 3GB of high speed internet on any usage and 2GB extra for Digi Video Freedom (mainly for YouTube, iFlix, Tonton, Viu) as well as 2GB extra for Digi Music Freedom (covered Spotify, Apple music, Joox, Raku). All these attractive offers pull my interest to them more and more lah! As I guess I can worry lesser than my friends who always complain about his data is draining up while streaming YouTube videos haha!

Annoying Bff that always pinjam HotSpot lah! Haha! :X”

More importantly, to subscribe for this deal right, all we need to do is just simply dial *116*1# (for RM28), *116*2# (for RM38 – 8.5GB) or *116*3# (for RM48 – 11.5GB) on your phone depending on which plan you wish to subscribe to. For more information about this plan kindly click here or this link (http://bit.ly/DPPExtraQuota)

Thanks to DIgi that carries away one of my worry from my thoughts and I could really spent more time on my social medias without telling my friends that my data is limited lah! I subscribe myself a RM28 plan, let me know if you’re too!

Remember to share this news to others as notifying them is time to shake their Internet worry away!

Magic ah! Poof ! MORE DATA NOW! YAS”

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