Revealing the basics of #ootd in Malaysia by Alvin (Insta - alvinseeck)

March 30, 2016

Hello guys , thanks for dropping by like once again . Recently , been receiving a few direct messages towards how I style myself up , who's my photographer , who's behind the scene , what do you based in , how do you edit your photo , how to make it corporate in colors?

Normally, I don't reply direct messages as some of them really need to be approved only then I could receive the next notifications. However , I think it's necessary for me to explain some of my ways of getting the photos I always wanted it to be and present it onto my Instagram feeds.

1.The OOTD Walls
I guess it's pretty convincing on placing "walls" as the first category I am going to share about. Basically, there are too much places that are crowded nor too much objects that are going to be in your photo! That's a basic NO. But towards crowded area , I would strongly long exposure photography to be implied in as it's creates a more hipster way of photo , where you blur out the moving object but you're remaining stationary(focus). Clean walls such as white , black , grey are damn great as not much editing is needed. Buildings that have similar symmetry is a good place for #ootd too !

-Grey Wall with a minimal editing process-
2.The Pose / Style
Touching upon the second point , posing is a way of technique too. I would strongly suggest "not to look at the camera" creates a very very natural way of capturing new angles. Everyone could be a model , try to expose yourself much on the posing because it's an extra marks on getting the correct pose when you're getting a nice photo.

*Headache pose
*Neck Pain pose
*Sitting in a chair / corner shots 
*Leaning back on a wall 

*Walking shutter - when you're walking (natural)
*Giving a "I want to kill you look" towards the camera
*Wearing shades - Helps a lot in terms of eyes blinking or etc.

Posing need to be as natural as possible .

Back to the first rule , the wall , the colors.

- Walking pose -
-Portraits pose-
3.Take more than a photo . I mean yes , more than a dozen sometimes
Getting a perfect photo is always not easy . It requires a lot of time . For a fashion dealer , yes it is almost like a foodie getting the best angle and presenting themselves into a photo. Definitely, as a photographer and model myself that into fashion industry, would ask my friends to help me take a couple of shots but sometimes , it ends up a little frustrated as I always couldn't get what I wanted ! The angle , the shots ! Haha ! Pardon me upon saying, mostly of my photos of #ootd are from my professional camera , Canon DSLR (kits len or 50mm) . Not everyone know how to use , so if you are going to call your friend for help , it is better for you to test some empty object shots first , setting all ready only then call them up ; if not both would be frustrated and took a lot of times !

4.The Wardrobe 
Many people would love to go with real basic color like white , grey , black ; For me , I would say "YAS" , I love black color real much , to be sure , white wouldn't get into the wrong tracks too . Nevertheless , the way we dress is somehow an icon of representing who we are today or any occasion we are going to attend.

- Basic Shirt with Bomber Jacket-

Playing around with staircase and Coca-cola MY cans

Photography has been a part of my life and definitely, bringing up this post not just to impress anyone but to share , to deliver , to be with the photographer spirit. I love how my friend help me took my photo sometimes and definitely , at most I would love to place my camera at a place and set timer afterwards to capture myself then . As getting my own style and angles are always difficult.

More to come , more to feel , more for you to be discovered . I am Alvin , a model for his feeds and a photographer whom works behind the scene.

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