Black kinda day in Cheras ft. Zalora Malaysia (Selecting tips on saving for a budget #ootd)

March 08, 2016

Black would always be a great choice , as it never gets into trouble either to be with a light colors or sort . A basic color is always a good starting rather than going for structured which would create a real mess towards your overall outfit. Nevertheless , some people could wear real street style without a worry as the complicated designed suits them even more than a basic tee.

With that , I always picked a real minimal color on my wardrobe ; this does not mean that I only go for black 'n white or grey , I do have brown , red , green and colorful tee and shirts too . Just that , it works better with minimal color sometimes , thus it's like a starter pack for everyone who's going into a fashion industry.

Basic works the best . White and Black is always the couple in the color trades. They works perfectly fine with ripped jeans , skinny jeans , or even shorts .

- Leopard Print Bomber Jacket from Zalora Malaysia-

Selectively , I love Zalora Malaysia . It always provide me list of selections on my outfit and the best part is , 24/7 like a 7-11 store ! Well , spend wisely on it peeps . Be selective on the choice you want , I will never get bored with this jacket. 

With that , you can also quote my "ZBAPQG1C" to enjoy 15% off for the very first purchase from Zalora Malaysia . Browse when you're free peeps ! :)

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