Strolling around in Bangkok , Thailand ft. H&M Malaysia

February 01, 2016

Instagrammer from Bangkok and Singapore (@mooka.toka , @robin.koh) Check them out :)

A shot with @mooka.toka 

Greetings reader , been really fruitful these few weeks as travelling to Bangkok for the very first time and encounter their weather was way too good for me to fully package myself on the road. ( 16'C - 19'C ) 

Nevertheless , I am in love with my very own minimal series of outfit where it comes with , Grey , Black and White - where it is really easy to mix and match.

Best part about Bangkok was there are alot of spaces for you to take nice photo , and not to forget about their architectures . Well design and for us to take nice photo from your own perspectives too.

With H&M experiences
Definitely , I have to say , H&M Malaysia always providing affordable range of prices towards outfit that we are going to choose from its variety . Never get too old with it .  :)

I update frequently on my Instagram and Snapchat ;

Instagram : alvinseeck
Snapchat : alvinologys

Love you guys ! 

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