White purity dates on a Saturday ( ft. Topman Malaysia , Padini Malaysia , Adidas Original Malaysia)

December 08, 2015

-White kind of day with cardigans-

- The over exposed White kinda day-
Hey guys , first of all thanks for dropping by ! Finally , got myself a little break time and manage to update my blog. Definitely , I got myself back to a lighter Ash Brown Color on my hair right now , and definitely , I love it . Thanks to Gatsby Hair Dye , it helps a lot !

Wearing Full White shows purity and clean side of a person but it would be troublesome if it comes to rainy day or eating something with a lot of savoury . You will have to pay 200% attention of it , if not the stain would be there either temporary or forever.

I personally loved minimal colors but I do have color shirts as well , just that I stopped going for a lot of patterns and lines shirt nowadays . White is the easiest color to mix and match , always remember that ! :)

- Overall look-

 Top : Short Sleeves Shirt (Topman Malaysia)
Pants : Padini Malaysia
Sneakers : Adidas Original Malaysia (Adidas Superstar)
Shades : Topman Malaysia

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