Smart Casual / Semi - Formal in a Minimalistic Place ( Tunku Abdul Rahman University College ft. H&M Malaysia)

December 16, 2015

A very Minimalistic Building
Good days people ! Sorry for some delay towards my post. Lately , been really hectic with assignments and homework from my University , but finally manage to find some time for my blog. Definitely gonna make it a good one.

It's really rare to find a very minimal and nice building nor place in Malaysia , am shockingly happy when I saw this place and yeap , all photography that you saw in this post would be just me and my tripod as well as camera. Playing with the self-timer and strike a pose ;)

White Shirts with Knee Length Shorts
I am gonna repeat this again ; White and Black is the couple of the year. The very minimal colors always runs the best towards every color , and of course depending on how you mix and match tho ! I am a Black color freak actually but still , sometimes I go for White or even Grey.

Strikingly , my hair color shows a contrast towards this post .... but hope you guys love my outfit of the day . Always keep in mind , a shirt is never enough .... dress yourself a little . Make it not so formal but semi formal , minimalistic color be a minimalist . :)

Out of 10 shots , One is being selected

Top and Coat : H&M Malaysia
Knee Length Slacks : Padini Seeds Co. Malaysia
Kicks : 2401 Zalora Malaysia

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