Ibarra Manila - Unique Classic Timepiece from Manila , Philliphine ( 15% Off with "SEEIBARRA" till 31st Jan '16 )

December 18, 2015

-Christmas with Ibarra Manila Watches-

- Closer look with Ibarra Manila Rose Gold Watch-

Good news readers ! Finally received my Ibarra Manila Rizal 40mm Rose Gold Leather Dress watch today. Definitely , gonna share the early Christmas Gift I got here. In short, this watch is really unique and minimal to be honest , and comes with 36mm which suits for girls or even women as a classy timepiece where it fits perfectly for a dinner date or casual outing.

They comes with Silver or even Gold base of timepiece as well as black or the brown leathers straps that I currently having , it was easy to mix and match and definitely I got myself a new watch to mix and match with my Outfit of the day.

Regardless how good we dressed ourself up , there is something we must attached on , which is a watch. This watch is on point where it helps in boosting my overall elegant looks! :)

-Find me in my instagram : alvinseeck-
With that , I would like to share a great news with you guys .... I am hereby invite you to own this timepiece with a 15% off from your total bill by using "SEEIBARRA" in your checkout page. Take note that , it only last till 31st of January 2016. 

Remember , "SEEIBARRA" for you to enjoy 15% off in any order you made !

More information you can find Ibarra Watches at ;

Official Website : www.ibarrawatches.com
Facebook : facebook.com/IbarraWatches
Twitter : @IbarraWatches
Instagram : Instagram.com/IbarraWatches

Email : info@ibarrawatches.com

Don't wait , check them out now and feel free to enjoy 15% off with "SEEIBARRA" code that last till 31st Jan 2016. :)

-All photography are made from me-

Find me in Instagram : Alvinseeck

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