Minimalism Kind Of Outfit ( Black and White issues , Simple yet easy to match )

November 27, 2015

Black and White ; Simplicity

Greetings readers , thanks for dropping by ! Everyone of us know that , colors panel normally runs a little tricky on our wardrobe. We always get sort of problem on what to wear , and in which occasion what kind of outfit should we go with?

No worries , normally people would go with minimal colors where it classified as simple colors , best example would be black and white , it mix well towards a lot of colors ! I would say Black color is my favourite as it brings out an exquisite feeling and coolish style of doing my outfit of the day shots ! 

Nevertheless , white color is the most simple color that could mix almost ALL color in the color panels. Yes , almost all . It's magical that black and white could runs pretty well in your wardrobe . Even know , I got a lot of minimal / simple colors in my wardrobe rather than shirts that are fancy much on designs and patterns play. 

White shirts with knee length slacks and leggings
Like what I said , I go with simple color nowadays . It's really to mix and match . Try it out guys ! Hope it helps a little . :)

-Favourite Black Color into a day-

Hope to deliver more , and am still learning much on photography , posing as well as posting up for you guys , my friends to read up a little . Catch you guys up real soon ! :)

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