Fashion Tips - Students Perception (Casual Malaysian #ootd #ootdmalaysia)

August 14, 2015

-The casual Malaysian #ootd-
Good day guys. It's Friday and definitely gonna go college with some kick off students outfit today. However , it's really handy as you got the most clean color , White.

White is the best color to be mix and match with. It's purity and innocence color helps in boosting especially with contrast color - black , red , checkered pants. Nevertheless , it always depend on how you are going to match yourself with your shirts and also your kicks.

Grab my Hater snapback and also a Giordano Cardigans and off to college today . Love my kicks though as it really match my overall light color combination :) . 

Top : Lentino Short Sleeve Shirts
Pants : Padini Bermuda Shorts
Shoes : Zara Man
Hat : Haters Snap back
Glasses : Top Man Shades
Watches : Daniel Wellington

Play a little with your own style , because there is no rules to be stylish . 
It is not costly as well , affordable price range stuff can bring out the other side of style as well.

Hope it helps :)

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