XiaoMi XiaoYi Action Camera (Malaysia)

April 20, 2015

Original Packaging - Sealed
Greetings reader , I am a happy kid now. Finally, after all my hardwork of doing research through the internet , I've decided to give XiaoMi XiaoYi Action Camera a try ! And definitely , am gonna do a short quick review on it.

XiaoMi XiaoYi White Basic (  Battery ,  USB cable )
It's pretty insane to see my parcel arrived on my doorstep today , and here it is . After unsealing my box , the simple and clean action camera is here. And definitely , it's working fine . Moreover , it is stated as "Basic Edition" due to basic only comes with the basic accessories such as the battery and cable. However , there is a "Traveler Edition" where it comes with the XiaoYi Monopod to fix your XiaoYi Camera around. It's pretty awesome but I don't think it's necessary.

Here are some shots I tried out for the very first time around the City (in between KLCC and Pavilion)

I got to say the quality itself impressed me. I never expected XiaoMi XiaoYi camera megapixels could be compared with the very impressive creation of GoPro Hero. So far, there is no actual application for iOS yet but for Android yes , you can actually scan the QR code provided on the guide book itself. It will direct you to a link to download the XiaoYi Camera apps.

I am an Apple 6+ user , no worries homies , there is an application named "WeTrip Lite" , it is not official but it is compatible with XiaoMi XiaoYi Action Camera. Just sync it over with its WiFi connections.

To some who might not sure about how it works , it's simple .

1. On your Xiao Yi Camera .
2. After on it , press the WiFi button on the right side of the camera.

3. Wait until it's blinking ,connect it with your phone (Password for the very first time : 1234567890)
4.Open up Xiao Yi Application . Connect it .
5. You're now successfully connected to the camera , good luck have fun . Haha !

More shots :

Now let's see the comparison ;
- This image is taken from Google.com-

The major differences - Price

So far , I do not dare to try out for the Waterproof depth , I just do not want to take the risk . Lols
I got to say that , 16 MP is way too attractive for a lil small camera like this. The wide angle is wide enough to capture nice photo . Trust me, it is a worth buying Action Camera. 

I personally rate 7.5 / 10 for this camera . Cons for it , battery life - Everything is in Chinese Language (a banana like me got difficulties) , there is room for improvement as well .

Now....give it a try ? I would strongly said that this is a worth money investment product. 

Other than that , after my photos , would you consider it now? Still that word , worth the price. I personally love it . :)

Oh before that , it comes with one year warranty as well . So no worries baby ! 

Now I got no worries , my DSLR can fully concentrate on food and others stuff.

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  1. may i know where u get your xiaoyi action camera from ?

    1. Hey Paggie .

      First of all , thanks for reading my post .

      I got my action camera from third parties seller , lelong.my

      You can get from Lazada.my too . Seems pretty much deals there :)

  2. Hey bro,what about the monopod? Does the monopod fit the camera itself or the waterproof case only?

    1. Hello there , first of all thank you for visiting my blog .

      There's two package of XiaoMi XiaoYi Action Cam ,

      One is w/o the monopod
      Another is w/ the monopod .

      The monopod fits nice to the camera itself , but I strongly suggest if you got any Selfie Stick that is remove-able , just used that .Cos I am using that currently.

      For waterproof casing , I dont think it can fit a monopod , as it is fully covered like vacuum . If not the water would flows into the devices :)

  3. can i get from any retail shop?

    1. Hi Andy , first of all thanks for dropping by. I got mine before it was launched in Malaysia and got it from lelong.my . However am not sure whether or not XiaoMi GoPro is available in any store as it is not officially launched yet in Malaysia . Meanwhile , you can get it from any stores that import this and be aware on their price range might be differ from the original :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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