The official application for "小蚁行动相机“ (XiaoMi XiaoYi Action Camera)

April 26, 2015

- The application is finally here!-

Greetings reader , announcing to you the official application for XiaoMi XiaoYi Action Camera on iOS "小蚁行动相机". I have been waiting for this like weeks and finally it's here. I am saying goodbye to the previous application "WeTrip Lite" as it's kinda laggy though. 


-This is the official apps , the layout right after you enter the application-

No worries to people like me , a banana guy ( Who doesn't read Chinese ) ! Haha . I got to say , the information provided is quite direct and clear though , just follow the steps once you're in the application. (I am open for any questions regarding this application - Feel free to drop me a comment)

1. Firstly , On your Action Camera .
2. Connect it via your WiFi connection (YDXY_ ) < Something like this in your WiFi Connection
3. Only then , launch the application . Click or touch the middle down part (camera icon on the first picture above) , then it will link you to a place where I will show you guys later in the photo below ! 

-This is where you will be linked to after you're successfully connected to your Action Camera-
-Alright on the bottom left (85%) , that shows your Action Camera battery lifes and the bottom right (80%) shows your current phone battery life-

-Gallery after you used your camera to snap photos!-
- You can download it straight away to your phone by clicking the photo you love and click "下载 - Download / Saved"
-After that head over your "Gallery" in your iPhone , TA DA , it's inside there-

I hope this lil guide could help out people that's having difficulties on this ! I still gotta say , finally it's officially launched . I got no worries now . I am bringing this everywhere I go , I repeat yes . Even into the toilet , errr , just joking ! haha :)

Some random shots while I was hanging out with my friend today ! :) Trying out the application ;

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