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April 19, 2015

Welcome to Plan A .

A little intro , My Name is Alvin, 23 this year and from Johor. Currently in Kuala Lumpur as a student major in Public Relations (Tunku Abdul Rahman University College).

I love photography and fashion towards every style. Definitely , I would share some of my views and wears and even food in my blog . Hope you guys enjoy reading it.

A simple casual wear could makes you an asian look .

It's really easy for us. I mean for a guy to grab a snap back and wear it , gotcha , you got yourself a better look.

I personally love hats and I got more than 10 just to make sure that I can fit with my semi-formal or casual wear ;)

Brands :

Hat - I.D by Ruffel
Top - Lentino
Pant - Pyrex Pants
Socks - Adidas Basketball Length
Sneakers - Converse High Cut (Black)

Go with the looks , definitely you will look much more better . Let them stares at you :P !

Instagram : alvinology___ck 

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